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About the Artist
Rina Dror
VvvVisual & Digital Artist

Born in Israel. Member of the Society of Painters and Sculptures, Rishon Lezion, Israel

Graduate of the "Gordon" teachers' College, and Wizo College, Haifa, Israel

Participated various artists' classes in Ein-Hod, Israel, and print technique workshops at the painters' society, Tel-Aviv, Israel.

Graduate of Digital arts workshops, Memadim center, Tel-Aviv, Israel

Rina says her works are being formed by a meeting point of forms, colors and motion.

The women flow in nude art model painting, is one the predominant motives in her work.

Rina Dror gets most of her ideas by going out to nature and human sceneries, thus having a "hidden camera" viewpoint: as an invisible person who sees without interfering the surrounding.

Rina has been involved in the artistic digital media since 1995, and her multimedia works, as well as digital arts have won various awards.

Rina's recent visual digital-experience, entitled: "Ride the Train to the New Dimension" has been created during 2005. It is based on her artistic point-of-view of the daily theme of train travel. This work digitally combines a wide range of artistic techniques, such as sketching, photomontage, digital animation and others.

This work creates a motion-full virtual experience, filled with movement and rhythm.

SSole Exhibition

2006 - Yad Lebanim Gallery . Ness Zionna

2005 - Theater Galleryl .Rishon le Zion

2004 - Digital Art on Website

2003 - Digital Art on Website

2003 - Digital Art on Website

2002 - Children Digital Art . Website

1998 - Designing "Haviv" School bulding to the 50 years Israe Independents

1991 - The Zion Love Search institution .Rishon Lezion

1986 - The Zion Love Search institution. Rishon Lezion

1985 - Yad Lebanim Rishon Lezion

1984 - The"Ha Simta Theater Gallery". Old Jaff

1983 - Ritz Gallery. Haifa

1983 - My painting is at the Israel President House Collection.

1982 - Artist House. Tell -Aviv

1982 - Designing an Exhibition as a learning center. "Haviv" school Rishon Lezion

1981 - Yad Lebanim Rishon Lezion

1980 - Zionist American's House. Tell-Aviv

1976 - Designing an Exhibition as a learning center "Haviv" school Rishon Lezion

Group Exhibition

2008- Assia House Gallery

2007- Longing for Peace

2007- 6th Lessedra World Art Print Anual

2007 - 27. Mini Print International De Cadaque`s. Barcelona

2007- Atalia Gallery. Neve Zedek. Tel Aviv

2007- Castra . Haifa

2006- 26. Mini Print International De Cadaque`s. Barcelona

2006- Fresco Art Gallery- Tel Aviv

2006 - Art Gallery. Haifa University

2005 - Yad Lebanim. Rammat Gan

2004 - Digital Art .Technical Institute . Hollon

2004 - Education Offices Gallery .Tel-Aviv

2003 - The National Buildings Gallery. Jerusalem

2003 - The "Knesset of Israel" Jerusalem

1990 - The Museum of Rishon Lezion

1985-1987 - The Teachers Organization House. Tel- Aviv

1984 - Dvora Gallery .Rehoboth

1982 - Artist House .Tel-Aviv

1982 - Artist House .Tel - Aviv

1978 - The Teachers Organization House. Tel- Aviv

1974 - The Artist House. Rishon Lezion.

1963 - The Jew and the Arab Center Hagefen House. Haifa

1961 - Rothschild Center House. Haifa