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The magic of the map is by linking man to a place, a view and to a particular space. This makes the map resemble a painitng.

Rina Dror has placed herself in the role of a cartographer - a map drawer

The terms "on the Map" or "on the roadmap" are frequently used in today's public speaking and daily conversations. Thus, man is in center of events, bound to pre-planned roads and paths.

Rina Dror had observed for over two months people, frequently sitting on benches in crowded public gardens and streets: people who are sitting on their own, or reading the paper etc. Rina tried to wander about their personality and what it has to do with the location and space. Rina had begun to put these people "on the map" by sketching their body-language on the city map.

As a result, city-map paths have become the underlying layer for human life paths conjoined in the "Man - Environment - Map" triangle.

This Project is Rina's personal inner path to see the world as more than plain pictures.

It may be interesting to see how map vocabulary is used to describe human situations, such as: Main road, A dead end, Shortcut, Cross the bridge, Seek/Lose/Find my way, Reach the peak, The middle of the road, Crossroads, On track, and many more.


On the Road Map